Award-winning Jazz guitarist/vocalist Pascal Bokar presents a unique combination of Jazz and African music and sounds. Anchored in the Bebop school of music, Pascal Bokar has performed with Dizzy Gillespie, Donald Byrd, Donald Bailey and Barney Wilen, among others. Pascal Bokar’s CD, Guitar Balafonics, received 4 stars and the award for “Best CD of 2015” from DownBeat Magazine.

Pascal is available for booking through Savanna Jazz Agency.



An innovative fusion drawing from traditional musical styles and West African rhythms, melodies and percussion fused with Bluegrass, Jazz, R&B and Gospel. A celebratory infectious groove fed delightfully by the West African balafon (ancestor of the marimba) sabar drum, banjo and fiddle combined with high velocity bebop scat guitar, drums, bass, vocals and two keyboards. This high energy band fuels the stomp/clap percussion of a gospel choir and the intensity of its musical conviction drives the listeners to uncontrollable dancing and participation. All this accompanied by richly harmonized vocals.



Paula also pulls in the grooves of soul and R&B and frequently intersperses her songs with impish stories. Don’t be surprised if you get some of what Paula calls The Great American Songbook “PART TWO” further driving her point of jazz and Blues being foundational to all American music home.

Jazz writer Scott Yanow described Paula’s work as “Highly expressive yet subtle singing that gives each song the passion that it deserves.” And commented, “Not too many blues vocalists today interpret material like Billie Holiday’s “Good Morning Heartache,” Louis Jordan’s big hit “Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby,” or Thelonious Monk’s “’Round Midnight” (for which the singer wrote new lyrics) but Ms. Harris gives each of these very different songs her own personal interpretations. Their inclusion should alert jazz listeners to the singer’s vast talent”.




Terry has been performing around the Bay Area forever, most recently as a sideman for a bunch of singers including Lara Price, Kay Bohler, E. C. Scott, and occasionally Pam Hawkins. Terry’s played blues, country, rock, funk and standards.




What started as an experiment in 1999 has now managed to thrive and grow through today. Starting with the cool West Coast Jazz from California in the 1950s and reaching out to do so much more, Octobop has always strived to create music that is listenable, accessible, and at times, humorous. You would expect to find music by Gerry Mulligan, Miles Davis, Shorty Rogers, Bud Shank, Howard Rumsey, and others who created something special. Add to that mix music ranging from Jelly Roll Morton to the Allman Brothers and throw in some movie and TV music and you will never know what you get at an Octobop gig.

As an octet, Octobop has enough structure to create interesting nuances and colors in the music. Yet it is small enough to provide lots of blowing room for everyone in the group. Writers and arrangers as well as players, the members of Octobop create music you are unlikely to hear anywhere else.