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Blues, Funk, Soul and Jazz are fused together, wrapped into an eclectic, colorful package, and emerge as a funky, yet soulful sound that is called ‘Groovality’.

Groovality is a Bay Area-based group that has its own highly distinctive sound. Each member has a discrete background and set of talents, but they come together with their simple, but absolute, love for music, creating a sound that is raw and honest. Like the name, the music is more than groovy– it has a vitality that expresses joy, blues, passion, and soul all at the same time.
Imagine the screaming guitar solos of the great late Jimi Hendrix, fused with the gravely overtones of the legendary Ray Charles, laced with the light and dynamic touch of Gene Harris. Groovality combines a variety of classic influences, and adds modern flair to create a unique and powerful combination of sounds.

Groovality’s recent work consists of a new album with a Blues-heavy foundation, and performing songs titles like “Banjo Cry For Me,” a timepiece about Juneteenth the proclamation of 1865.

“Mind-blowing.” “Soulful.” “Tight and moving.” Fans over the past ten years describe Groovality as a sound that makes you want to get up and groove with the band

The groups members are Simon Russell (keys, lead vocals), Billy Johnson (drums), Rob Watson (bass) and Paul Branin (guitar and sax).

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